UV-sensitive dye on cotton voile, exposed on site
280 x 500 cm  

In front of the gallery’s entrance I mounted a textile membrane, a kind of curtain – neither an inside nor an outside, but a layer of in-between. The textile is cotton voile, the kind of fabric that can be used as a mosquito net in front of windows in the summer – a barrier penetrable by light and air, but not solids. The curtain was treated with a UV sensitive dye and exposed in the space, thus capturing the ambient light of the room as a 1:1 contact print. 

The viewer might see the curtain as a form of barrier, separating the gallery space from its exterior, or they might experience it as augmenting the intimacy of the space behind it.

Installation view: Sirin Gallery (Copenhagen, DK)
Photos by Jenny Sundby and David Stjernholm